I Just Really F#@King Like Cats. Okay?

Some might say I’ve gone a bit overboard. I say, I just really fucking like cats. Okay?

I was single, and suddenly everyone I knew was tagging me in crazy cat lady memes. Well with me it’s go big or go home. Everyone called me a crazy cat lady (though I actually had no cat) I decided to become the crazy cat lady.

Enter Jojo.


The day this little ball of black fur and attitude entered my life, I became a cat lady. She’s my best buddy, my lovely little companion, and minion of darkness. We have our little routines, just me and Jojo. Every night, while I’m winding down and watching Grey’s she climbs into my lap purring, and head butts me over and over and over.


Enter Hazel:


This crazy cat is so sweet and so bonkers. She makes me laugh daily. Every morning she sits in the sink and watches me put on makeup and do my hair while she also tries to sneak sips of coffee. If you can’t find Hazel, pour some food – she’ll come running.

At this point, I have: a cat dress. Cat purse. Cat wallet. 2 cat t-shirts. Cat watch. Cat earrings. Cat tattoo. Cat coffee canister. 2 Cat mugs. Cat desk organizer. Cat tape dispenser WITH cat tape. Cat pens. Cat…cat…cat…




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