Writers Wednesday! Let’s talk about hashtags baby!


Part of my 2018 goals was to post more useful content on my blog. So today we kick off – Writers Wednesday!

As an Indie Author I spend as much time writing as I do researching. I research marketing techniques, writing techniques, brand building, how to use paid advertising…just about everything. I keep stockpiles of notebooks about my research and I try to employ everything I learn.

And I can say, that the more I learn, the greater success I have. The more I learn, the more my audience grows. But how do you grow an audience organically? And then, how do you keep that organic audience engaged?

Today we are talking about Instagram. It’s getting harder and harder to gain an organic reach with Facebook. And don’t even think about using Facebook “boosted” posts until you learn how to properly do it. My first two were a disaster until I learned how. The ones following got me click-throughs and sales. Score! But what if you can’t always afford to be paying for marketing? Did you know that Instagram is exploding as a place to connect with readers? And if you aren’t reaching readers – then you aren’t using Instagram to it’s fullest or utilizing hashtags to the fullest potential!

Keep your Instagram fun and consistent. Readers want a glimpse of your life, we are all voyeuristic by nature and we don’t just want books shoved down their throats! Too much self-promo is just as bad as no self-promo. Connect with other authors, bloggers, and marketing pages and make sure you tag them! (Cross-promotion builds community) And use hashtags – hashtags connect us. They aren’t just a cute thing to add to the end of a post – they are connectors. People have hashtags they search daily to find new content.

Below is a list of hashtags with the amount of users using them daily:

#bookworm (6,371,173)
#bookworms (235,315)
#bookwormforlife (6,791)
#booklover (3,764,062)
#booklovers (687,615)
#booklove (1,224,768)
#booknerdigans (757,411)
#igbooks (338,186)
#bookish (1,802,618)
#bibliophile (2,739,542)

#writersofinstagram (3,522,603)
#writersofig (1,687,520)
#writerscommunity (971,414)
#amwriting (725,636)
#nanowrimo (120,441)
#amediting (68,056)
#ilovewriting (30,128)
#authorlife (120,549)
#writerscorner (72,792)
#writerscommunity (971,414)

#AutoBiographical (4,337)
#NonFiction (190,819)
#NonFictionbooks (2,447)
#ChickLit (53,479)
#ParanormalRomance (22,822)
#Poetry (11,413,783)
#PoetryMonth (18,462)
#CrimeFiction (26,076)
#ReadCrimeFiction (2,985)
#RomanticSuspense (9,785)

Others to try include: #oneclick #mustread and for romance #bookboyfriend

See you next Wednesday!




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