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jjBio:  I was born into the lower working class in Sweden, and raised by a single mother due to the death of my father. I’m no stranger to hardship and struggle. From hardship grows compassion, determination and the motivation to strive for something better. That’s a gift in my eyes. Writing is something I want to make my profession. I’m not only filled with stories, also the drive to finish them. I come from a family with no history of writing, nor any connections, and I hope someday someone will see the potential in me.
Why do I write? I write because my whole life I have felt like the dum athletic kid. I had trouble with multiple subjects in school and I never felt smart. Then, later on, I was determined to do something that people saw as intelligent. Writing has always been an interest already embedded in my DNA, but the spark lit the fire when I was told that I never read books. I read a few, but it never became an interest. So instead I began writing my own books and read them instead to flare my own interest in reading while writing.

My ambitions for my writing career?
My ambitions are to finish the Kelly Titan series. I want to create characters and a story that feels familiar, but secretly breaks the typical mold. That will make it easier for people to adapt and take it in. The next moment, the most old-fashioned people will nod in positivity while they figure out that their favorite character was gay. That’s what I want to achieve, to establish relationship with the characters, in that way, I can make people respect all kinds of people and natures.
Do I work from an outline? No, and yes. Often I come with a skeleton, the base story and a few big milestones. But in between I almost always want the story and characters to unfold for me to, I want it to surprise me too. Many times I write a scene, then make the total opposite just to inspire myself to think outside the box and create the unexpected. I want to explore my own world almost like a fog of war, revealing new thing and surprising myself.
Advice to inspiring authors. I would say that the most important thing that is crucial is to have the intelligence to take criticisms and learn from it. It’s the only way to evolve and move forward. Take what you need and grow. When you’ve learned to absorb and filtrate feedback and criticism, you will advance yourself many years. Don’t feel like you are your own book, detach yourself from your book, and it will make it easier to inhale the feedback, and exhale self-success.
Where do my ideas come from.  My ideas mainly come from watching series and learning how good movies or television shows build their characters and stories. It feels like I’ve watched a billion movies and series, so there’s no lack of imagination.
Do I get writer’s block and how do I combat it? If you don’t get writer’s block, there’s something wrong with you. Just kidding.  Though, I think almost every writer has encountered a writer’s block. I get it sometimes, when I do, I let myself take a few days off and just watch movies or play video games to relax my brain and let go of all the stress. That usually does it. Let go of your book and do something else.
Hardest thing about writing? The hardest thing about writing is to actually write, but also the easiest. It’s like knowing that you’ll have to walk 40 miles. It’s a long journey but it will also be a fun one.
Which writers inspire me? I would say that the writers that inspire me are all the famous authors that have gone through hell to get where they are. Writers that no one believed in, that everyone rejected and were hated by critics. Those are the writers I love.
Which famous person, living or dead would I want to meet? I would want to meet my dad that died when I was 19. He was a famous person for the reason that I knew he loved me and believed in me. That is enough for a person to be famous in my eyes.

The Kelly Titan series is the beginning of science fiction universe with a supervillain subgenre to the story, where the reader will experience something that’s not the typical comic book tale. This series will explore the darker path of a more gritty origin series where the main character will slowly become the villain of the story. The perspective will change, and the reader will then read from the point of view of the antagonist.
It stars a boyish girl named Kelly Titan. She’s an advanced computer scientist with the brains over brawn to her advantage. She was taken as a child to work on an AI project she never knew the real purpose for. It’s a grounded story where everything is seen and learned from Kelly’s perspective. Characters are flawed and the story bends the typical genre with unexpected turns. The reader will explore the mysteries of this new desert planet that people call home. Kelly will be the one who has to face her own creation. A machine god that will control the entire infrastructure of planet Quill. Kelly was born to become a trojan horse, to build a system for the enemies she could later shut down when the time was right. But she was also raised by the same enemies she builds the machine for.
The story will explore why Kelly becomes the antagonist, and how the world will react to her AI creation. People will say that she created a god, a machine god. The ramifications of this AI will be explored in depth, as well as the relationship between the AI and kelly, and how Kelly’s love for the AI will eventually make her the villain.

Kelly Titan is available on Amazon, and FREE in KU!  books2read.com/u/31M7Ea

Kelly Has ARC copies to give away. Just leave me a request with your email and I will get that information to him. If you request an ARC – PLEASE leave him a review.



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