A Force of Nature from Kindle Scout winner author Kara Liane is LIVE!!!


A Kindle Scout winning eBook and standalone novel. A steamy, contemporary, military, romance that will quake your world. 

TSgt Brenneth “Brent” Peters moves through life like a storm–it’s just his way. From the moment he met captivating and complicated Everly, he moved through her too. His years in the military have shaped him and led to this path of upheaval and turmoil in love and life. What he and Ev share, though, is an unstoppable force. But can he hold onto her, or will he lose her along the way? Find out what happens when the storm rolls in.

For to love is to consume–it’s just the nature of it.
*This story is intended for readers over the age of eighteen due to mature content (e.g.,  profanity, explicit sexual scenes, PTSD).
Grab your copy today! >HERE<
My review:
Perfect title for this book. It’s a love story between Brent and Everly – Everly is a seriously feisty, saucy and outspoken woman who works as a journalist and Brent is a sweetheart hunk of a man and an Airman based on the author’s own husband, which I think is just about the sweetest tribute ever.
Both Brent AND Everly are forces of nature. They are outspoken and independent people. Neither of them is at all thinking of love, but once they meet – neither of them can get the other out of their minds and dreams. They are both likeable characters, and I found myself rooting for them both. he wasn’t an alpha-hole and she wasn’t a wimp. They complimented each other well, had great banter and tons of chemistry.
I wouldn’t really call it an enemies to lovers romance, but they definitely had a comical run-in, literally, with each other that gave them both a small taste of these “force of nature” personalities! This comical mishap is in true Ms. Liane form, she has a witty voice, and I love seeing it shine through her books.
The story itself is well thought out, well written and has tons of delicious lust, angst, love and toe-curling sex and of course, humor.
Besides all the lovey-dovey stuff and sex, I think my favorite thing about this novel is how Ms. Liane handled Brent’s PTSD. It wasn’t to add drama, it wasn’t to write off bad behavior or for shock value. It was an honest portrayal of the issue. I also really enjoyed getting some peeks at how characters from her first novel were doing 🙂
Also the ending? EPIC.
In all, a great, steamy read that tackles real issues with grace and respect.

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