The Space Between Us Audio Book Now LIVE! And other updates ♥


The Space Between Us audiobook is now live on Audible! I teamed up with producer Logan McAllister who worked diligently to make this title available so quickly. He was incredible to work with, and his voice – ladies and gents – get ready to swoon! Grab your copy and start listening today! —-> HERE <—-

Some other exciting news to share about The Space Between Us – Last week The Space Between Us broke the US top 100 charts on Amazon in the Sports Fiction category! And hit #1 in the UK, Canada and Australia!

Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased this story. I put a lot of heart into it, and I hope Emma and Dean capture your heart the way they did mine!


The Space Between Us


She’s His Best Friends Little Sister. Well, Ex-Best Friend Now…

The Space Between Us is a Gritty and Emotional Second Chance, Bad Boy Boxer Romance. The first book in a four-book contemporary romance series.

He didn’t expect to see her again. He didn’t expect to want her the way that he does.
He never expected to peel back all of her perfectly controlled layers. Or for her to see through his.

Emma freaking Winchester 

She’s the little sister of his ex-best friend, Forrest. She’s off limits like tempting forbidden fruit, and he’s the snake slithering through the grass.
She ignites a fire in him. One he can’t explain and one he sure as hell can’t control. It’s raw and primal.
She’s sweet, and he is not.
She’s pure, and he’s broken.
When Dean King came back to the town and past he’d left behind ten years ago to make it big in the world of underground fighting – it was for one reason, and one reason only. To take care of his Grandma Rose, and he’ll do it by any means necessary. Even if it means selling his soul to the devil…

Fate brings them together. Burning passion binds them. When the fires get too hot, can love save them?




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