I’m choosing this!


I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. It’s a thought that’s been swirling around in my head. I didn’t like the thought at first.

The thought that maybe it was time to stop focusing so much on writing books.

Crazy! Right?

For a person who says they want to be an author, and I don’t want to focus on books?

Finding balance has proven to be hard. As a single mom who works full time, I found that I was using every spare minute I had after I’d get home and feed my boys something quick and easy – I’d sit at my computer and write. Or research. Or help other authors by beta reading. Doing release parties. Formatting.

I’ve focused on that so hard for almost two years that I lost sight of what was most important. Like my family. Me. My health. A social life. A love life. Adventure.

After the release of The Island Duet, I’m taking a step back. I’m going to continue to write, but it’s not going to be my #1 priority anymore. I’m not going to turn down a hike to write, I’m not going to turn down an evening with friends to write. I’m not going to feed my kids something quick and easy to write. I’m just not doing it anymore.

I love writing. So much. I love telling a story and having readers go on that journey with me. But not at the expense of what matters most.


My release schedule will slow down. Instead of trying to produce 4-5 books a year – I’m taking it down to 2. And you know what? I already feel pretty good about this…

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