First Look at Crash Into Me

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©Alyne Hart


He smiled at me for a second too long, holding my gaze steady with his. A smile like that should be illegal, and it kept me captive for a long beat.

Apparently, that was the plan.

Without a word he grabbed my phone off the table, and before I could stop him, he pressed a button posing for a selfie then tapped out a message on the screen.

“Give me back my phone!” I screeched. “What are you doing?”

His grin turned wicked as he handed it back to me. “Giving you my number, for when you’re ready.”

“Are you always this bold?” I frowned, pecking at the screen so I could see what he’d done.

“No,” he stated flatly with a self-satisfied grin.

Just then, Gemma appeared, shooting me a ‘what’s going on here?’ look. Thank God.

“Hi,” she gave him a breezy smile.

He smiled back. “Hi.”

“He was just leaving,”  I said quickly.

“I was just leaving. But uh,” he tapped at the table grudgingly. “Call me. I’ll wait as long as it takes.”

“Okay,” I gave a short laugh.

“OhmyGod,” Gemma openly stared at him as he walked away. “He was seriously hot.”

I sipped at my drink, nodding my head in agreeance. “And young, he’s barely even old enough to rent a car.”

“So what,” Gemma cocked her eyebrows, lifting her glass to her lips. “What’s his name? I bet he has a hot name.”

“A hot name?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she bit her lower lip and narrowed her eyes. “Like Luke or Ace or Jax or something.”

“Well, I don’t know if he has a hot name,” I hooked my fingers in the air like quotation marks. “Because he didn’t tell me. Come to think of it, he didn’t even ask me mine.”

“You want me to leave again so he’ll come back and you can ask him?”

“No,” I sipped at my Moscow Mule, shaking my head back and forth with determined force. “No definitely not. I’m not ready for all that…or whatever that was.”

“Meg?” she asked.

“Gem?” I mocked her.

“It’s okay, you know,” she ignored me and went on.

“I know it’s okay,” I said, pressing my fingertips to my temples. “I know that because you, my therapist, Oprah…everyone says it’s okay to move on. But that isn’t moving on. That’s…”

“Sex?” her eyebrow cocked as she turned to look at the guy who still watched our table with a maddeningly sexy smirk. “That’s sex, Megan. Not a relationship.”

“I’m not even sure I’m ready for sex.”




It happens to other people. Not to me.
I had my happily ever after. Life was supposed to be great.
Then tragedy left me a widow at thirty-seven and nothing else seemed to matter after that.
Until him.
He wasn’t supposed to be on my radar. He just came crashing in.
He says things that are too familiar. Knows things about me no one else knows.
It was like I was seeing a ghost.
I wasn’t supposed to fall for him.
He was forbidden.
But my happily ever after is gone, and I’m alone, and Liam’s arms strangely feel like home…

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