Excerpt from Perfect For Me (a novella in the Risking Everything Anthology)

“You do piss me off,” I chuckled with a dark edge, wrapping an arm around her waist, cupping her cheek with my free hand. “But goddammit, I can’t think of another woman I want pissing me off except you. I want all of you. Stubborn. Flawed. Damaged. Maddening and beautiful. I want you, and I may have tried to fight it, but it’s always been you. You’re perfect for me.”

“You’re perfect for me, too,” she whispered.

Weaving my fingers into her hair, I pulled her closer. “So, what are your plans for the rest of the night?”

“I don’t have any,” she smiled, curling her hand around the back of my neck.

“You do now.”

I kissed her with my greedy fingers sliding down her spine and cupping her ass in the palm of my hands. Her back arched, crushing her into me and my dick pressed against her belly almost painfully.

© Alyne Hart – Perfect For Me (part of the Risking Everything Anthology)

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Risking Everything

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